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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:16pm EDT

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to life on fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to "world news." tonight, under attack. one of the worst inside jobs yet, four americans killed when afghan officers in their police uniforms suddenly turn their guns on the americans. our team on the ground there tonight. in this country, the deadly bomb plot stopped in its tracks. the teenager in one of america's biggest cities who police say pressed the trigger, thinking he was about to blow up a busy night spot. the prince's plan. what william now says he's ready to do to catch the photographers who captured those topless photos of duchess kate. the royal case about to go to court as buckingham palace remembers what happened to diana. and caught on tape. why do they get to speed in police officers racing down this beach and this officer caught speeding to his second job. pulled over by one of his own.
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>> put your hands out the window! good evening on this sunday night. and we begin here with two devastating attacks in afghanistan, americans losing lives in both attacks. the latest one, the worst of the so-called inside jobs. today, afghan police officers turning their guns on american troops at a checkpoint, killing four u.s. service members. and it comes as we learn nor details about that other attack by the taliban on a separate base in afghanistan. there, the attackers dressed in american uniformed killed two marines and set eight fighter jets ablaze. abc's mohamed lila has the latest. >> reporter: david, many american soldiers here are on edge tonight. four more u.s. troops killed by the very afghan policemen that they're working alongside. it comes after the taliban launched one of the biggest ever attacks against a coalition
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base. it's supposed to be one of the safest bases in the country. so fortified, no one could ever breach it. on friday night, the unthinkable happened. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. storming inside with automatic rifles, suicide velss and grenade launchers. >> the taliban were able to execute this attack in a quite professional manner. they were able to pose as farmers and watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. >> reporter: all coalition bases here in afghanistan has several lines of defense. the taliban were able to breach almost all of them and nearly hit their target. that target, the base and airfield where u.s. and british pilots operate out of. one of those pilots is prince harry, who according to reports, was whisked away to a safer location the moment the attack happened. the insurgents destroyed or damaged eight harrier jets worth $20 million each. three refueling stations and six aircraft hangars.
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the last attack where so many u.s. aircraft were destroyed at once, more than 40 years ago, during the vietnam war. >> this was a very deliberate, well-planned, well-executed attack by the taliban. they created chaos and mayhem on a base that should have been more secure and this should not have happened. >> reporter: and late this evening, another incident that's causing tension here. nato is confirming that an air strike has led to civilian casual tties reportedly includi afghan women and children. david? >> many fast-moving developments there. muhammad lila, thank you. and we don't no if prince harry's presence play a role there. but it was a very public deployment. we wanted to know, why make it so public. mara raddatz, how public is this? >> reporter: the last time the prince was deployed in 2008, it was done in secret.
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when it leaked, he went back to britain early because he didn't want his presence to endanger others. he was a forward air controller then. that's the job on the ground. this time, i think the british announced it because he's an attack helicopter pilot. so, the british felt that prince harry would be in a much safer position, not out among potential enemies, but up in the air. i don't think they even imagined an attack on the airfield itself. but this has got to be making them rethink this, and prince harry, too. i doubt he would want anyone to be in a more dangerous spot because of his presence. and the fact that a small group of insurgents could make it that far, that deep onto a secure base where thousands of u.s. marines are, david, is really extraordinary. >> it is. our chief foreign affairs correspondent, martha rad don't tonight. now, to the violent protests in the middle east tonight. the bodies of those four
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americans brought home from libya. abc's lama hasan is in cairo, egypt, tonight, where the protests have begun to subside. lama? >> reporter: david, tonight the streets are controlled again, after cracking down on the protesters, driving them out and away from the u.s. embassy. but this region is a powder keg. hezbollah is calling for more protests across lebanon. and in pakistan today, more violent demonstrations. police fired warning shots to stop the protesters from advancing toward the u.s. consulate in kira chi, but across much of this region, the violence we've seen over the last couple of daves has mostly died down. meanwhile, the libyan government announced it arrested 50 people involved in the consulate attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the libyan president saying the attack was planned by foreign fighters linked to al qaeda who had entered the country months ago. david? >> la ma what than, thank you.
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we wanted to pick up where you left off, that statement by libya's president, saying that the u.attack on the u.s. was premeditated, timed to occur on 9/11. well, today on "this week,"he u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, would not go that far, saying the investigation continues and that so far, there is no indicational of a planned attack. >> our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that in fact what this began as, a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. >> ambassador rice went on to say the protest then, quote, seemed to have been hijacked by extremists who descended on the compound and attacked with heavier weapons. and the filmmaker behind that film is in hiding tonight. the 55-year-old was questioned over the weekend. he's in fear of his life now, he says. the film making telling the sheriff's office he's not going home. we move on tonight here to that alleged home grown terror plot. an 18-year-old accused of trying
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to detonate a car bomb in the middle of chicago. police say he actually pulled the trigger, but he'd be set up. here's abc's pierre thomas now. >> reporter: the target, the heart of downtown chicago. the mission? to blow up a bar full of customers at one of the busiest times. during happy hour. the fbi says adel daoud had been praying to kill as many people as possible before he parked a jeep cherokee that he thought was full of explosives, just after 7:00 p.m. friday. they said he got out of the car, walked a block away from the bar and began squeezing on a trigger that he thought would detonate a car bomb. but the bomb was a fake. it was a sting and the fbi put him in handcuffs. daoud lived only a short distance away in this suburban neighborhood. his neighbors were stunned at the allegations. >> it's very scary. and it hurts my heart because i never would have thought, never would i have thought that this is the way his mind was going. >> reporter: fbi officials say daoud came to their attention
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last october after he allegedly began posting violent messages on the internet. a few months later, fbi undercover agents posing as radicals contacted daoud online. discussions allegedly began without waging jihad here. by the summer after, daoud was put in contact with another undercover agent posing as a terrorist based in new york. he allegedly began planning an attack and looking at potential targets, including malls and military recruiting centers. fbi officials say dauod was given more than one chance to back out of the plot, but david, they say he was hellbent on going forward. >> pierre thomas in washington, pierre, thank you. now to the race for president tonight and 51 days left to go, just seven weeks until election day. and tonight with the new numbers from the key battlegrounds of ohio, florida and virginia showing president obama pulling into the lead, the stakes very high for the romney campaign to do something to carve away at the least. i want to bring in our senior political editor rick klein
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tonight in washington. we were talking about "snl" last night, the opening sketch. the actor playing the president acknowledging it's a rough economy, the job market bad, too, but -- >> i'm not worried. not in the least. should be. our campaign has a secret weapon. and that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. >> hello, i'm mitt romney. and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer, one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics. so, i know hardship. >> "snl" last night. we've heard conservative voices saying that the challenger, in this job climate, ought to be running away with this by now. did they hit on something? >> reporter: this is devastating in a quiet sort of way. this likability gap is not going away. and the fact is for romney, there is no policy description or attack ad strategy is going
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to change it. the only thing that romney can hope for is that people see hi policies and a lot of conservatives, they are not getting the message out tonigen. >> the romney camp has been asked about the romney schedule. some say he should be doing more campaign stops. what is the your jen sill here? >> reporter: well, being down in the polls in september actually matters more this year than ever before. that's because early voting starts earlier than ever. the first ball lots will be cast in iowa on september 27th. just a week from this thursday. and then voting starts in ohio, just five days after that. that happens to be the day before the first presidential debate. >> the big debate. early voting in north carolina already. rick, thanks to you. now, to a new development in one of the most sensational crimes in american history. the so-called fatal vision case. a former green beret convicted in the murders of his pregnant wife and their two daughters. it's been the subject of a best-receiving book, a tv mini series. tomorrow, a new chapter. a convicted murderer will get a
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chance to prove his innocence because of dna. tonight, abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it was a gruesome crime that gripped the country decades ago. a pregnant mother, her two daughters, stabbed repeatedly and beaten to death at ft. bragg. >> i did not murder my wife. i did not murder my children. >> reporter: but green beret and medical doctor jeffery macdonald was convicted of killing his family. which led to a best-selling book, "dayal vision." even a tv min kneel series. >> captain jeffrey macdonald, green beret doctor here on the base. >> reporter: the killings came just months after the manson murders in california. macdonald has always claimed this case was similar. hippies -- three men and a woman coming into his house, murdering his family. all these years later, oscar-winning documentarian errol morris' new book about the case has raised new questions. >> no one has really established a strong case against him. i, myself, see no evidence which links him to the crime.
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>> reporter: tomorrow, macdonald gets another chance in court, asking that witness statements and hairs found in the house that don't match the family be admitted as evidence. dna testing didn't exist when he was on trial. >> at the time, there were so many inconsistencies, it's the newly discovered dna evidence that castles another light. >> reporter: but will it change his conviction 33 years ago? >> i'm sitting in prison. i'm wrongfully convicted. >> reporter: those hearings in front of a federal judge could last a couple of weeks and it will be up to that judge if macdonald gets a new trial. >> a lot of people watching this case. david kerley in washington, david, thank you. there is news tonight about that scandal in san antonio, where dozens of female recruits allege they were assaulted or harassed. a woman will take command of basic training there next week. six male instructors have been charged. now, to that scandal
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overseas tonight, riling buckingham palace. the revealing pictures of prince william's wife kate, published by a french magazine. tonight, the royal family is preparing to go to court, even prince william saying he will testify if he has to. abc's bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple in the south pacific. >> reporter: the royal couple waved greetings to the people of the solomon islands, from a truck decorated as a war canoe. their legal battle against the tabloids just beginning back home. even though these islands are isolated, the people here know all about it. are people here talking about that scandal? >> it's on the streets. it is. it's on the streets, yes. >> reporter: and everybody thinks this is extremely unfair -- >> extremely unfair. >> reporter: this scandal erupted friday, when the topless pictures of kate appeared in a french magazine. the palace quickly announced it would sue. but yesterday, another blow. this time, a newspaper in ireland, which printed the pictures again. so, the palace fired back. "there can be no motivation for
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this action" -- the palace stated -- "other than greed." now, an italian magazine is expected to publish a 26-page feature, hinting at even more intimate photos of kate. >> it looks now that it's too late to stop that, so we're looking at three publications which have printed these pictures and who knows. the question now is, will there be more? >> reporter: and william's anger is apparently stirring. reports in london say that he wants to testify against the accused if there is a trial, and send them to jail. his dislike of the paparazzi has been evident since his mother, princess diana, was killed 15 years ago, with cameras in pursuit. >> he's made no secret that it is his number one concern to protect kate, to make sure she doesn't suffer a similar fate and says he really is going to do everything he can. >> reporter: so, tomorrow, this legal battle is heading its way toward the court in france, perhaps other countries down the road, as the royal palace put it, they are consider, all responses. david? >> bob woodruff traveling with
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